Flexibility and Control.

And a business partner who gives you the freedom to have both.

You’ve spent a good portion of your career building the practice you envisioned. And for whatever reason, you now see a need for change. We respect your experience and your expertise. At our firm, you’ll have the freedom to build your practice the way you want to, with as much support as you need from a business partner who supports you
on your path to success.

We’re seeking experienced Financial Advisors who welcome our flexible approach, recognize the strength of our products and our brand, embrace our innovative toolset, and see a strong teaming model as a means to better serve their clients.

If you’re a successful entrepreneur looking to accelerate your practice, we will support you through…

  • A diversified portfolio of investment, insurance, and retirement solutions – all manufactured here, so your input can directly impact the products we develop
  • A one-stop shopping hub for insurance solutions when your clients’ needs must be met with products we do not offer
  • A unique business markets process that will differentiate you and help you add more value to conversations with business owners
  • Concierge-level support including access to priority in force service, new business and underwriting, advanced sales support, and dedicated compliance resources
  • A team of seasoned investment and trust specialists to meet your clients’ unique estate planning and wealth management needs
  • Strategic alliance programs that can help you grow your practice through relationships with local financial institutions and professional firms
  • State-of-the-art technology platforms and tools

Let’s partner together in support of the values we share with each other:

  • Enjoying flexibility: build your business the way that’s right for you – we respect your experience and expertise
  • Seeing the pathway to success: receive the guidance and support you need to realize your vision for your practice
  • Expanding your influence: we know your impact transcends families, boundaries, businesses, communities, and generations
  • Being heard: because your voice matters, because you matter
  • Transparency: enjoy honesty and clarity as the fundamental ingredients of partnership
  • Innovation: benefit from dedicated investments into tools and technologies designed to make doing business easier for you

Contact us today to discuss a smooth transition to a financial firm that knows how to give entrepreneurs the resources to do what they know best.